Office: No 63 Dapper Road, 1st Floor, Kensington, 7405, Cape Town, South Africa Factory: Unit 5A, 12th Avenue, Kensington, 7405, Cape Town, South Africa Tel.: +27 21 802.6998 / +27 21 820.9929 / Email:

Manufactures of Medical, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Equipment



  • Collection Only (Mon-Thurs 8.00am -3.30pm, Fridays 8.00am – 12.30pm )
  • Orders via email :
  • Any person collecting must be wearing the necessary mask and PPE.
  • Customers must sanitize hands before and after collection with sanitizer provided.
  • Please adhere to social distance


Manufacture: Medical/Hospital Equipment & Physiotherapy Equipment        

Import: Hospital Equipment

Repairs: To existing equipment

Refurbishment: Of existing equipment

Equipment Hire: To Film Companies


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About Western Cape Physio and Medical Equipment

WESTERN CAPE PHYSIO & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT was founded by Mr. Gerald Schubert in 2002, he saw a growing need for medical equipment when in 2004 registered the company Western Cape Physio and Medical Equipment. 

The company, also called WCPME and as it is also known to all, designs, repairs and manufactures medical/hospital equipment, physiotherapy equipment and occupational therapy items standard and tailor made to the patients needs.  

WCPME is a small family owned and run business and is 100% black owned with 40% woman shareholder 

The business is run with innovative thinking and creativity expanding on ideas to improve the designs and functions of their equipment making it cost savvy and on par with current trends.  Constant initiative ideas on business growth and sustainability is what drives this business to growth. 

There is no one sided manufacture but an open minded trend thinking platform where customer can also voice their ideas for improving their own existing equipment to make it more tailor made to their needs, and that is what set this business apart from other manufacturing companies.  




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